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a yu-gi-oh! zexal community

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Community description:for fans of yugioh! zexal to share fanwork and discuss the series!

Welcome to Heartland City! Here you can discuss the latest episodes, chapters, news, or whatever tickles your fancy concerning the latest, candy-colored YGO.

Some general guidelines:

  1. If you don't like ZEXAL and feel like it personally victimizes you with its existence, please just move along now.

  2. Keep all spoilers under cuts, or in the case of previously spoiler-less posts under this HTML:

  3. NSFW content, large images, embedded videos, and extended text should also be kept under cuts.

  4. Tag things! As we're a new comm, tags don't... really exist yet, but the format will be character: [given name] [surname] (e.g., character: yuma tsukumo), fanwork: [fic/art/etc], and graphics: [icons/etc]. If you're unsure what to tag something as, tag it with random for now.

  5. Don't think too positively. Do kattobingu!

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